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I believe that all of my clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and already know all the answers. You are the expert on your life. My role is to ask you the questions that help unearth your wisdom, intelligence, and strength – not try and convince you of my own.

My approach to human change is that of cultivation. Transformation can be gradual and sometimes invisible, just like the changes taking place in a garden. It's not about forcing and expecting immediate change. It's about tending our lives as we would tend anything that we'd like to see grow: intentionally selecting, and consistently nourishing, that which we want to flourish. Planting in good soil, clearing the ground of weeds that distract and clutter, and nourishing the seeds with water and sunlight. If we do that, then over time we'll start to find little sprouts shooting up, that grow bigger and stronger until they are trees that start to shelter others.

I believe that coaching is most successful when both of us fully own the coaching relationship; bringing all that we are to each session. I focus on you as a whole person, not simply your roles in various areas of life, and will champion, encourage, challenge and prod you to help bring to life what might be dormant.

Megan quickly built trust and intimacy with me; truly dancing with me to explore the most meaningful areas in the moment. Her ability to listen, observe, and share insights is so natural and effortless she is able to create significant awareness in a short period of time. The use of metaphors was particularly helpful. They stuck with me and served as reminders of my learning beyond the session.

Megan helped me to really push through some significant barriers that I was unaware existed, that have enabled me to clear space for more meaningful work.

Megan embodies the competencies of coaching. She has a very natural way of connecting with the client, and graciously helping them to build awareness and develop meaningful experiments to grow.