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My interest in human potential began through a very personal journey. In my early twenties, I experienced the sudden disintegration of my worldview, a close relationship, a community, and a career – all wrapped up together.

I was brought face to face with some significant questions about my identity. Who was I? What did I stand for above all else? Who was I becoming? What did I think of this emerging person? Who did I want to become in 20 years' time?  And what could I do to develop the qualities I valued in myself?

I began to learn more about myself: what made me tick, what I most valued, and what the narratives were that I'd internalized. I began unearthing my long-buried assumptions, turning them over in the light to examine them. I began to cultivate my ability to listen to the wise, grounded voice inside me.  This voice spoke more quietly than my fear, but was older.

I didn't have the language for it then, but I was trying to develop core components of my emotional intelligence (EQ).

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As I did so, I began to learn about the role that my emotional intelligence played in my professional life, too. I held a number of leadership roles that I was 'figuring out' as I went along, not sure if I was particularly effective or inspirational.

EQ and coaching provided a grid to see where I was, and wasn't, an effective leader. It showed me how the voices I listened to determined how I showed up professionally and personally. My follow-up coaching sessions equipped me to leverage my strengths, recognize blind spots and triggers, respond more thoughtfully to my inner 'mental tapes', and set goals that really meant something to me. 

My experience propelled me to turn my love of people development into a career. 

I took my first coaching class in 2015, then trained with the Coaches Training Institute, the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, and Psychometrics Canada. I'm now taking advanced training to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC), recognized as the most rigorous in the coaching industry. I'm passionate about the intersection between coaching, entrepreneurship, leadership, and EQ.  

"Somehow Megan will gently dig into the inner you, and find what you knew was there - but couldn't get to all by yourself. I came to our conversation with an work-related issue that had been on my shoulders for a few years. She helped me to get it off my shoulders in just one session! Spending time with Megan is so worth it!"