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  • You want to 'play big', dial down your inner critic, and grow your confidence:

Despite your achievements, you dread being found out as a fraud. You set sky-high standards for yourself and can struggle with perfectionism. These tie into well-worn, self-critical thinking patterns that sabotage your happiness and undermine what you do achieve. It's exhausting. You're so ready to move past this. You want to start listening to other voices in your head, learn how to handle imposter syndrome, and move forward believing that you belong.  

  • You want to be a more effective, emotionally intelligent leader:

You have a position of influence and responsibility (with or without a title). Maybe this is new to you, and you're learning as you go; or you've been in this role for a while and still feel ineffective and less-than-confident. You're doing some things well but you're struggling with others. You're not making the impact you want. You've heard of how important coaching and EI are to leadership, and you'd like to sharpen your skillset to lead with more confidence, influence, and effectiveness. 

  • You want to take action towards big dreams lying dormant:

What would it look like if you made that business, that lifestyle, that dream, that relationship, a reality? You've thought about taking the plunge for a while, but life is passing you by and you're still not taking action. Something's holding you back. You want to sift through the chaff to know what's most important right now, and how to face your tendencies towards scatteredness, procrastination or 'all or nothing' thinking.  You want to find the vision and motivation you've been lacking. You want accountability as you take steps towards your goal. 

  • You want to clarify what it would mean for you to live more purposefully:

You don't have a clear idea of what's really important to you, so you can't tell whether or not you're living your life in line with your own priorities, or those of society. You don't have a 'north star' to guide your way. If someone were to ask you your personal mission for your life, you wouldn't have an answer. You want a clearer sense of your purpose in life, in work, in leadership, in relationships. You want to craft a life that's in line with your values, priorities, and giftings ... you're just not sure what that is.

  • You're seeking direction and clarity in a transition:

Perhaps you're changing country or career, you've just ended a relationship, been made redundant, or entered a new stage of life.  Maybe you're at a crossroads with a number of options that all look good (or bad). You feel stuck, unfocused, hemmed in by self-doubt or fear of failure. You want to clarify your thoughts and feelings, grieve what's passed, and clarify the options ahead of you to take the best course of action. 

If so, coaching with me can be a transformational investment in you, your team, your family and your organization. 

"Before working with Megan, I felt that the dreams I had for my life were on hold as I wasn't thinking of them and wasn't taking steps towards making them a reality. I decided to book a session with Megan to see if she could help me to gain more clarity on what I actually wanted in life and what steps I needed to take to achieve this. 

Sessions with Megan helped me to have a clearer understanding of my values and priorities in life and the impact I want to make. I was impressed by how Megan picks up on what's important to me, makes connections between big themes in my thinking, and is able to guide me on my way of self-discovery and personal growth. Megan is a talented coach and I highly recommend her."




If you're interested in exploring coaching with me, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute call for me to learn more about what you're looking for in coaching, and whether I might be able to help.

While all coaching will help you become more emotionally intelligent, I also offer specifically EQ-focused coaching, both for private clients and organizations. This coaching begins with your EQ-i 2.0 assessment, a self-report which measures fifteen core emotional and social competencies. It's a valuable springboard for rich conversations and a grid for intentional change.  Contact me today to find out more. 

"I found each of my five sessions with Megan hugely helpful and pertinent to what I was facing that week. From the start I felt more clear about my values and what I love doing. I had started a new job in communications so the sessions helped me understand how I best work and how to bring my gifts to the new role.

The sessions felt both fun and spontaneous as well being structured and clearly defined. Megan was insightful, empathetic and wise. I’ve grown in confidence and understanding my resourcefulness, and I love having a clearer sense of my gifts and values.

My favourite session was on understanding my inner leader or mentor - it has helped to solidify my sense of identity and I believe these tools will impact the rest of my career and life as a whole.’