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You have a dream to put something out into the world that feels incredibly meaningful to you — but you feel paralyzed by perfectionism, procrastination, or fear of failure.

Maybe it's taking that next step towards what you're really passionate about contributing to the world. You have a feel for what this could look like, but you’re still not getting started. And beneath all the procrastination, perfectionism, and busyness? If you’re honest, you don’t know if you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

Perhaps you're spinning your wheels on a half-finished project that you know is holding up everything else in your business. The lack of traction is getting painful. You know that if you could just figure this out, move past, get unstuck, there'd be so much else that would just start to flow.  

You might be spending so much energy mulling this over and over. But the more you try to think yourself forward, the more entrenched and overwhelmed you feel. It's hard to admit to others how lost you can feel in this whole process. You feel like a dog chasing its tail.

You’re desperate to get out of your head.

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I believe that at the root of every type of paralysis is our friend, fear. That means that if we’re serious about getting unstuck — really unstuck, for the long-term — we need to work on how we ‘show up’ to life, as much as how we ‘do’ life. In other words, we need to focus just as much on who we want to be, as on what we want to accomplish.

Coaching with me helps you integrate these perspectives.



Whether we’re would-be entrepreneurs, creative businesspeople, or general big dreamers, a sense of greater purpose is often what got us started in the first place.  But when it comes to actually putting something out into the world, we know: it’s SO much harder than it looks.

  • We feel paralyzed by self-doubt. What if we’re not cut out for this?

  • We feel suffocated by our need to get it right. (‘Good enough’? That’s for losers.)

  • We spent endless hours researching, tweaking and polishing our work — but never actually putting it out there.

  • We’re sick of seeing the same goals in our diary, week after week and month after month. At this point, we only half-believe that we’ll actually do them.

  • We feel burdened by how much we still don’t know. How can we call ourselves competent when we feel like such amateurs?

  • We’ve become highly skilled excuse-makers. We hide behind busyness, deadlines, other people, and ‘not ready yet’.

  • We feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task before us. Where do we even start?

  • We compare ourselves and our work to others. It seems like everyone’s already doing what we want to do, and doing it better.



Imagine how it might feel to craft a different relationship with our dreams.

  • We choose courage over certainty. (Even when we’re still scared.)

  • We value progress over perfection. We’re okay trying out an experimental, playful, curious approach to our goals.

  • We slowly and purposefully expand our comfort zones, until we’re trying things we would never have dared months before — while still being authentic to who we are. (No trying to be Tony Robbins.)

  • We trust that whatever comes our way, however this turns out, we can handle it.

  • We know why we’re doing this. We’re propelled by our vision of how we want to contribute, and who we want to be.

  • We build a purposeful life, in line with what we know is most important to us. Our work is a reflection of our values.

  • We feel the rush of actually (finally!) DOING something about our dreams, not just thinking about them.

  • We reclaim all that mental space. We start actually getting stuff done. Life becomes more spacious.




Over the course of 10 sessions, we’ll unearth your most important values, get clearer on why you’re doing this, set a course for exploratory action, and develop your emotional intelligence to hit your goals and get out of your own way. Here’s how you’ll benefit during our time together:

  • A honed sense of purpose: what do you want to leave this world? How does this dream fit into this?

  • Deeper appreciation of your values: what’s most important to you? How does this impact how you go about decision making, planning, and pursuing your dreams?

  • A deep dive into your emotional intelligence: using the scientifically rigorous EQ-i 2.0 (below), we’ll develop an action plan for using your strengths, and developing your weaknesses, in service to your goal. As EI has a much bigger impact on your success than your IQ, this has a huge potential for long-term impact.

  • Your unique emotional intelligence report, the EQ-i 2.0, for you to keep as a reference long after our sessions are over.

  • A suite of transformative tools, tailored to your unique needs, to help you recognize and relate to the assumptions and behaviours that hold you back, and start tuning into inner resources that you already have. Once you can start recognizing the range of your inner tapes (and we all have them), you can start to choose which ones you’ll let drive your life.

  • A champion and a challenger (me!): I believe in the courageous, powerful, wise parts of you that you might not see as much. That means that I’ll champion your ability to explore new perspectives and get much clearer about your options. I’ll also compassionately challenge you to start ‘playing bigger’.

  • Regular accountability & structure, helping you break down your long-term goals into 2 to 3-week chunks that take you closer to your goals, and stretch you just the right amount.

  • The satisfaction of taking actual, tangible steps. You’ll start taking action right after our first session. Yes — really.

"Somehow Megan will gently dig into the inner you, and find what you knew was there - but couldn't get to all by yourself.

I came to our conversation with an work-related issue that had been on my shoulders for a few years. She helped me to get it off my shoulders in just one session! Spending time with Megan is so worth it!"


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Hello! I’m Megan. I’ve spent most of my career developing people and ideas, in different guises and on different continents (Europe, North America, and the UK).

In my private coaching practice, I specialize in helping people like you create powerful change in how you author your life. I’m also a coach for the EU Summer Program, Climate-KIC, where I help young people develop sustainable start-up ideas; and I’m part of a team that develops entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and creativity in large organizations. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute, Psychometrics Canada and the Emotional Intelligence Training Company.

A bit annoyingly for me, I’ve had to walk the talk. I’ve found that the more something has meant to me, and the more risky it feels to put myself out there, the more I’ve found myself making excuses. “I’m just not ready yet. I don’t know enough yet. I’m not as accomplished as ________. People will see through me.” I totally get it. I know how it feels.

I also believe that all of us want to leave a legacy. For many of us, this means using our unique skills and talents to leave the world better than we found it. And if we had to choose, I believe we’d all choose to live a life that’s shaped by our dreams, and not by our fears.

“Megan walked beside me through open doors to personal change. As a result of coaching with her, I have seen change in almost too many ways to count! I've re-energized workout routines, intellectual development, personal and emotional development and career transition. I'm - in a way - a bit shocked for the amount of space we covered in such a short period of time.

As a coach, Megan was fantastic and attentive, with a great balance of challenge and support. She really took her time to listen and could ask a quickly pointed and meaningful question that helped me to see the topic from a different angle, whether through metaphor or somatics. She had a great retention for previous sessions and was able to pull some threads that revealed common themes throughout the sessions. She was also able to go into deep intellectual space that had great meaning for me. 

With Megan’s help, I was able to see where I was holding myself back and where a few simple actions have enabled clarity in who I am, and not just what I do.”




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1 x 30-minute Introductory Call

Before starting into our coaching, we meet for 30 minutes for me to learn just what it is that you want to get out of your investment in coaching with me, how I can be support you, and what would help make our coaching together as valuable as possible. This call feels relaxed, curious, and really welcoming. It’s also a fantastic space for us to get to know each other.


1 x 2-hour Discovery Session

Then in this unique and bespoke session we lay the groundwork for our time together, digging deep into what’s most important to you in life. What qualities do you most highly prize in others and yourself? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What hallmarks would you like there to be on your work and life? What do you really want from this coaching?

This is an important part of determining what success feels like to you (rather than to someone else), and sets the trajectory for where you want to be in five months’ time. It also provides a unique framework to help you make decisions in the months ahead: a ‘North Star’ for checking that you’re in sync with yourself.

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Your Unique EQ-i 2.0 Report

While the Discovery Session is a deep dive into what’s most important to you, it’s not a measurement of how you can next develop. This is where the EQ-i report comes in. It measures emotional intelligence (EQ), which is proven to be a key indicator of our effectiveness and development.

People with higher EQ have stronger coping skills in the face of stress, form stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, and lead others and themselves more powerfully. Its role in helping you achieve your goals is huge.

I’m certified in the EQ-i 2.0, the world’s most widely-used and scientifically rigorous EQ assessment. It helps us highlight patterns of thinking and behaviour that have a direct impact on your ability to succeed. This 20+ page report will belong to you, and is yours to keep after coaching.

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1 x 90-minute EQ-i 2.0 Debrief Session

For an hour and a half, we debrief the findings from your report above. What surprised you? What do you agree with? Where do you see these patterns playing out in other parts of your life? How could you use your strengths more to help yourself? Where do you typically undermine yourself?

You might find that your lack of assertiveness or empathy are holding you back, or that your level of optimism cause you to struggle to take risks. Or maybe you’ll discover that social responsibility is a key motivator, and if you were to develop your independence you’d be able to pursue your dreams in a way that didn’t rely so much on others’ opinions.

These skills are all linked to our EQ. When we have this snapshot, we’ll be able to help you cultivate new habits to help you succeed.

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8 x 1-hour Ongoing Coaching Sessions

In each bespoke session, we work on live issues that you bring to each call, without losing sight of your values (that ‘North Star’), the actions you want to take towards what excites you, and the changes you want to see in your life. Each session is unique, but you can expect each one to deepen your awareness, knit together learning, and stretch you towards the person you’ve said you want to be.

Depending on where you want to develop, we can specifically work on clarifying your sense of purpose in life, building up your awareness of your habits, connecting with your inner mentor, or creating a different toolkit of inner resources for times of need. If there’s something that really tugs at you to explore, let me know.

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Personalized Ongoing Support + Accountability

In addition to our coaching sessions spaced every 2 weeks or so, I’m also available via email Monday-Friday for you to bounce things off, celebrate with, report on your accomplishments, and provide unflagging support as you make your dream more tangible.

Most of the learning takes place between sessions. That’s why you’ll have homework after each session that you’ll set for yourself. This homework will build on the discoveries you’ve had in our conversation, and will move you towards what you want to accomplish, and who you want to be. You’ll have a brief online check-in before each new session where you can reflect on how well you’re doing, and where you need to grow next.

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Email Summary + Recording of each Session

After each session, I’ll email you summarizing our call and reminding you of the next steps that you’ve agreed to take. Having this written down helps you keep on track and provides accountability. It also means you don’t need to worry about remembering all the main points that we discuss together.

I also send you a recording of our conversation, in case you want to re-live a ‘lightbulb moment’, feel less stressed about taking notes during our call, or just want to see how far you’ve come when you listen to it six months later! Recordings are optional, but most of my clients find them really beneficial.

I’m not interested in short-term quick fixes that fizzle away quickly.

I’m deeply invested in your long-term transformation.

My intention is that, by the end of our work together, you’ll have started to cultivate a more curious and creative relationship towards yourself, your work and your fears — and that you’ll have started actually doing something about your dreams.

This can be truly life-changing stuff.


In addition to the 1-1 coaching programme, I’m designing a 90-day beta group course for later in 2019 if you’d like to go through this experience with others. If this is you, click here.

“Coaching with Megan was truly eye-opening, challenging, inspiring and ultimately liberating.

Our debrief coaching on EQ brought so much together in ways that I found both surprising and exciting. Megan has tremendous listening skills while simultaneously being poised to pick up on significant threads running through the overall picture and drawing my attention to these with sensitivity, astute intuition and utterly non-judgemental observation. 

I found Megan's questions to be a great springboard for thinking imaginatively and honestly about myself as I am, and how I can realistically become: bolder, more confident, ready to move out of my comfort zone and to actively address areas that until now I'd thought of as permanent. I highly recommend her!"




+ My dream doesn't feel particularly big or grand. It's important to me, but it's on a small scale.

There isn’t a cut off size for dream eligibility, and there are no criteria that I impose: this is about you, not me. Whatever your dream might look like (and it will probably evolve through coaching anyway), if you're reading this, it's been taking up a ton of mental space. It matters.

And if it matters to you, it matters to me. It’s an expression of your creativity, your guts, and your desire to do something meaningful. I believe it’s absolutely worthy of being explored!

+ My idea isn't fully formed yet (it's more of a vague feeling and something I'd like to explore).

Most ideas and dreams are on some sort of spectrum of crystallization. Sometimes they can be quite embryonic: more of a feeling, or a ‘gut sense’, that needs to be explored further in other to get more clarity. Coaching can be a great playground for us to pull this feeling into the light, turn it around, and start exploring it.

It’s really worth getting curious about what it is about this dream that pulls you towards it. That's exactly what we do in coaching. Each of my packages is bespoke, created for you and your unique dreams, challenges, and goals.

+ How might the EQ-i help me get unstuck?

There are lots of studies that show that emotional intelligence (EQ) is the single biggest predictor of our success, both practically and personally. However, most of us don’t know what this means for us on a practical basis (or where to even start in developing our own).

The thing is, emotional skills are really holistic, and incredibly relevant to achieving our goals. They impact our tolerance for stress and our comfort with ambiguity. They’re intertwined with our self-image, and our ability to set and pursue what we want in life. They relate to how we make decisions, how optimistic we are, and our level of empathy. They help us build relationships, act assertively, and work well with others. These skills absolutely impact our experience of stuckness, paralysis, creativity, and ambition.

Becoming aware of our more unhelpful patterns is the first step towards changing them. The EQ-i is the first scientifically-validated, and most widely used, EQ report available today. It’s a self-report, so you answer it based on how you currently rate your competence in a range of social and emotional skills. You’ll find that it provides you with food for thought, and action for self-development, long past our coaching relationship.

+ Do you have any experience getting yourself unstuck? What was that process like for you?

If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been drawn to create this package.

I’ve had PLENTY of experiences where trying to start something (or – sometimes – to finish something) felt like pulling teeth. Whether it was writing my MA thesis, creating art for an exhibition, re-training as a coach, or launching my business, I’ve had times of feeling paralyzed by perfectionism, fear of failure, and fear of success. I’ve felt isolated, frustrated and ashamed about how much energy, time, and emotional space I was expending on spinning my wheels. And becuase I run my own business, this isn't a one-time thing.

When I’m stuck like this, I found that there's generally something I'm feeling that I'm either not aware of or I don't want to look at, or thinking patterns that I haven't really explored. I work with coaches and mentors to compassionately help me become more aware of the narratives I'm telling myself, and help me move through it. I've learned that I can't do it alone.

I also depend a lot on my inner circle letting me bounce ideas off them, cry with them, dance celebratory jigs with them, and telling me the unvarnished truth. Music, a change of scenery, and moving my body also really help. I have a suite of tools I know I can access when I need to. But it wasn't always this way.

+ I don't live in the UK. Can we still work together?

Yes! All my coaching is conducted virtually, and I have clients in several time zones. We meet on Zoom, an online platform that’s end-to-end encrypted, and allows me to record calls so that you can listen to them later.

Coaching virtually is very convenient: you can speak with me from the comfort of your home, there’s less impact on the rest of your daily schedule, and since there’s no travel time required on my end it keeps your costs down.

+ I have another question.

No problem! Just drop me an email and I'll get back to you very soon.


Six months from now, you could still be going around in circles. Or you could be looking back at all that you’ve accomplished, and who you’ve become.

Or feel free to contact me for any other reason.

“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.”