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“Megan walked beside me through open doors to personal change. As a result of coaching with her, I have seen change in almost too many ways to count! I've re-energized workout routines, intellectual development, personal and emotional development and career transition. I'm - in a way - a bit shocked for the amount of space we covered in such a short period of time.

As a coach, Megan was fantastic and attentive, with a great balance of challenge and support. She really took her time to listen and could ask a quickly pointed and meaningful question that helped me to see the topic from a different angle, whether through metaphor or somatics. She had a great retention for previous sessions and was able to pull some threads that revealed common themes throughout the sessions. She was also able to go into deep intellectual space that had great meaning for me. With her help, I was able to see where I was holding myself back and where a few simple actions have enabled clarity in who I am, and not just what I do.”


"Before working with Megan, I felt that the dreams I had for my life were on hold as I wasn't thinking of them and wasn't taking steps towards making them a reality. I decided to coach with Megan to see if she could help me to gain more clarity on what I actually wanted in life and what steps I needed to take to achieve this. 

Working with Megan helped me to have a clearer understanding of my values and priorities in life and the impact I want to make. I was impressed by how Megan picks up on what's important to me, makes connections between big themes in my thinking, and is able to guide me on my way of self-discovery and personal growth. Megan is a talented coach and I highly recommend her."


"I found each of my sessions with Megan hugely helpful and pertinent to what I was facing that week. From the start I felt more clear about my values and what I love doing. I had started a new job in communications so the sessions helped me understand how I best work and how to bring my gifts to the new role. The sessions felt both fun and spontaneous as well as being structured and clearly defined.

Megan was insightful, empathetic and wise. I’ve grown in confidence and understanding my resourcefulness, and I love having a clearer sense of my gifts and values. My favourite session was on understanding my inner leader or mentor - it has helped to solidify my sense of identity and I feel these tools will impact the rest of my career and life as a whole.”


"Although I had heard about emotional intelligence, the experience of exploring this with Megan was truly eye-opening, challenging, inspiring and ultimately liberating.

Our debrief coaching brought so much together in ways that I found both surprising and exciting. Megan has tremendous listening skills while simultaneously being poised to pick up on significant threads running through the overall picture and drawing my attention to these with sensitivity, astute intuition and utterly non-judgemental observation. I found Megan's questions to be a great springboard for thinking imaginatively and honestly about myself as I am, and how I can realistically become: bolder, more confident, ready to move out of my comfort zone and to actively address areas that until now I'd thought of as permanent. I highly recommend her!

The whole experience of being coached by Megan helped me enhance my awareness of who I am, and reminded me that we may not always be in control of our circumstances, but we are in control of our responses to them. I now feel better equipped to make that a reality!"


"Somehow Megan will gently dig into the inner you, and find what you knew was there - but couldn't get to all by yourself.

I came to our conversation with a work-related issue that had been on my shoulders for a few years. She helped me to get it off my shoulders in just one session! Spending time with Megan is so worth it!"


Megan quickly built trust and intimacy with me; truly dancing with me to explore the most meaningful areas in the moment. Her ability to listen, observe, and share insights is so natural and effortless she is able to create significant awareness in a short period of time. The use of metaphors was particularly helpful. They stuck with me and served as reminders of my learning beyond the session.

Megan helped me to really push through some significant barriers that I was unaware existed, that have enabled me to clear space for more meaningful work. She embodies the competencies of coaching. She has a very natural way of connecting with the client, and graciously helping them to build awareness and develop meaningful experiments to grow.”


"What stood out most for me about Megan’s coaching was the instant trust and connection established during our conversation. She created a safe space for me to open up. She was brave and articulate and made me to go to places that were tough to explore. 

She was compassionate while handling the sensitive topic, at the same time was completely focussed on my goals and gently guided me to resonant action. I was impressed by her coaching and the impact it had on me.”


"Megan is an accomplished coach who treads the fine line between empathy and authority, with ease. She has a natural flow and perpetually curious style that led me into unexplored areas and left me with many questions to ponder.

If you are looking for a coach to challenge and stretch you; to listen with compassion and skill, Megan is top class. I highly recommend her."


"In our five coaching sessions so far, Megan has got to the core of my issues. She has patiently listened to my Truths and challenged me when I needed it. Her positive energy has spurred me on to make the changes in my life that I needed and I am so grateful that she did. She has a wonderful way of getting to what really matters to me and lightly guiding by asking the right questions."


Megan perfectly combines intellectual and emotional intelligence ... the 'thinker' with a razor sharp analytical mind who approaches everyone around her with an open heart and mind. Megan is an influencer who proactively shapes her environment in an inclusive and respectful way. I would cherish the opportunity to work with Megan in the future.”


"Megan naturally embodies all of the qualities that make a coach great. She is intuitive, attentive, insightful, and compassionate, and creates a safe space for deep trust and exponential growth. She is a born leader whose coaching skills will help change the world for the better."


"Working with Megan helped me achieve clarity, validation and a sense of calm. She has the innate ability to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed whilst tackling important and challenging feelings. She’s a really genuine person and a great listener.” 


"Megan guided me through my Discovery Session with patience and an understanding of my situation. I didn't feel uncomfortable when I was talking about a sensitive topic. Megan was a breeze to talk to; I highly recommend her as a coach that doesn't judge and is ready to push you to reach your goals".